Samsung Electronics to focus on the second-half flagship model: The Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Electronics to focus on the second-half flagship model: The Galaxy Note 9
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Industries and consumers are paying keen attention to Samsung Electronics second-half flagship model smartphone the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung Electronics reported on June 13th that it will release the Galaxy Note 9 in New York on August 2nd or August 9th to major IT media outlets. 

Samsung Electronics has not announced the official release date, but it is expected to be two or three weeks earlier that the release date of the Galaxy Note 8 last year. 

The Galaxy Note 8 was released on August 23rd of last year and was officially launched on September 21st of last year. The release date was interpreted as an attempt to preempt the premium market before Apple announced its iPhone release in September.

The Galaxy Note 9 has the largest battery capacity of the Note series and also has a 6.4 AMOLED screen (AMOLED active organic light emitting display). The expected battery capacity of the Galaxy Note 9 will be 3850 mAh or 4000mAh, which is expected to increase by 700 mAh compared to the previous Galaxy Note 8 (3300 mAh). 

After the explosion incident of the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, which had a battery capacity of 3500 mAh, Samsung Electronics has reduced battery capacity for safety reasons. However, it is presumed that the battery capacity has been increased again, reflecting the increase in power consumption due to the surge of smartphone usage in recent years. 

The size of the screen is larger than the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 8 and the 6.2-inch Galaxy S9 Plus in order to maintain the identity of the so-called “tablet” (a large-screen smartphone that also serves as a tablet).

However, the design characteristics of the ‘Infinity Display’, which was introduced in the Galaxy S8 series last year, will remain the same. The Infinity Display’s design features a significantly reduced width of the bezel, the top and bottom edges of the front of the smartphone. 

In term of memory, the 6GB RAM model will be equipped with 64GB, 128 GB or 256GB of internal flash memory, and the model with 8GB RAM is expected to have a 512GB memory.  

According to IT professional media GSM Arena and posts by notorious Twitter user ‘Ice Universe, who is famous for giving out leaked information, the fingerprint sensor on the back of the Galaxy Note 9 moved from the right side of the camera to the bottom of the camera. 

Furthermore, the photo also shows a button with an unknown purpose on the bottom left of the smartphone. The button at the top is presumed to be the Bixbee button and volume control button. According to GSM Arena, the lower left button is likely to be “a separate camera shutter key.”

In fact, IT media predicts that the main function of the Galaxy Note 9 will be “camera capture”, and that the lower left button will also be used to execute the capture function. Samsung Electronics’ recent patent registration of the “Perfect Capture Technology” brand is also contributing to this speculation. 

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