Even If You Love 3D
Even If You Love 3D
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Watching 3DTV could also give side effects

Electronics makers have high hopes that growing interest in 3D movies sparked by the sci-fi blockbuster "Avatar" will drive the 3D market.  3D versions of "Clash of the Titans", "Alice in Wonderland" are now in theaters and more 3D movies are planned for the future. Not only in theaters, but also you can enjoy the latest 3D technology at home.

Samsung and LG have launched 3D TVs and a lot of people would like to get one. But you must be careful. All vivid and realistic screens might tug your eyes; it is certainly not good for pregnant women, seniors, and even somebody who is really tired. TV Industries provide a customer guide line for 3D TV. According to a representative from Samsung, "Viewing 3D images may startle you and if you are pregnant, the elderly, or have epilepsy then you should abstain from 3D."

The representative went on to say, "Somebody who doesn't feel good, lack of sleep, or had a few drinks of alcohol is not recommended to watch 3D TV. If you keep feeling nausea after watching it then you might need to be examined by a doctor. An official from LG said, "Children who are under five years old are not allowed to watch 3D." Some industry analysts mentioned that these side effects do not happen all the times, but it's good to know what they are.

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