Broadband Networks are Available in Rural Areas, Too
Broadband Networks are Available in Rural Areas, Too
  • Kim Yea-rim
  • 승인 2010.04.23 11:35
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Provincial regions will be subsidized by KCC for broadband networks

Korea Communication Commission (KCC) announced that they are going to invest KRW148.5 million for the installation of broadband capability in rural areas this year. For this, KCC established the 'Rural Infrastructure Association' and is going to hold a ceremony, today.

Focusing on cities, broadband networks construction is pretty competitive among businesses. On the other hand, rural areas hardly take the center stage without governmental support. Therefore, for the towns that have fewer than 50 homes will get a subsidy from the government (KRW 3.6 million), local government (KRW 2.3 million), and corporation (KRW 4.6million). In conjunction with this, the major telecoms are going to invest KRW 138 billion into the rural regions.

KCC is planning to promote the Smart infrastructure project such as, u-city, wide broadband WiFi, M2M along with broadband capability construction. Thus, KCC will develop various business models based on local condition, spread relevant technology and services to the rural areas.

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