GPS car trackers have more uses than just theft prevention
GPS car trackers have more uses than just theft prevention
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Protecting a car from theft is critical for any vehicle owner, but once the security system is bypassed and the car started, there’s little to do to recover it. Or is there?

GPS navigational systems have been used in cars for decades, but as we can see at - now this technology can be used for more than just directions. With a GPS tracking system, you can keep an eye on your car from any location from any distance.

Protecting Your Vehicle

Imagine this scenario - you park your car on the street around the corner from a restaurant you have reservations at. After a long and delicious meal, you come outside, walk down the sidewalk, and click your keyless entry button… and nothing happens. The car is gone! Usually this is a situation for panic, but if you’ve got a car tracking unit, you can rest easy. Call the police, give them the information, and wait for your vehicle to be recovered.

GPS car trackers have more uses than just theft prevention too. Parents can put a tracker in their teen’s car to make sure they go where they said they’d go (and check if they drive safely in the process). Business owners can also use GPS trackers in fleet vehicles to monitor the progress of jobs. Want to make sure your employees are spending an appropriate amount of time on-site? GPS tracking gives you detailed reports about the location of the truck.

Uses Outside The Vehicle

Trackers aren’t used just for cars either. Did you know athletes use GPS trackers? According to - Tour de France cyclists are equipped with GPS tracking units so fans can monitor their progress and check speed stats. Hang gliders are fitted with GPS tracking units during competitions to prevent cheating too.

Are Car Trackers Illegal?

According to - Car trackers aren’t illegal, but they can be used to commit crimes. It’s important to learn the regulations regarding car trackers for use outside your own vehicle, especially if you reside in states like California. Here’s a general guideline to abide by - as long as a car tracker is in a vehicle you own, it’s legal. If you own a fleet of vehicles for your business, it’s perfectly legal to outfit them with GPS tracking systems.

But clandestinely placing a GPS tracker on someone else’s car is definitely illegal. If you don’t own the vehicle, you can’t put a car tracker on it. Exceptions exist, but don’t think you can track a significant other’s car without facing repercussions.

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