Holes found in the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2, following Unit 4
Holes found in the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2, following Unit 4
  • Jung Se-jin
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Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant

A number of holes have been found in the containment liner plate (CLP) inside the nuclear reactor of the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2, following Unit 4.

CLP, which is also used as a mold in the construction of nuclear power plants, is a blocking chamber where carbon steel sheets with 6mm thick are added to concrete walls and dome of the reactor to prevent leakage of radiation inside the reactor.

The private-government joint investigation team for the safety of Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant said on Oct. 12 that 18 air gaps were found between the containment plate and the concrete wall after inspecting the Hanbit unit 2, which began on July 16.

Previously, 22 air gaps have been found near the embedment plate of the Hanbit unit 4. Accordingly, its operation has been suspended since May 18 for maintenance.

Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant, which started its first commercial operation in August 1986, is temporarily shutting down five out of its six nuclear reactors (No. 1-5) due to facility inspection and safety survey for the first time in 32 years. "Through a thorough inspection, we will secure safety for re-operation," a Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant official said.

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