Barun Electronics to take the lead in the 5G market
Barun Electronics to take the lead in the 5G market
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Kim Tae-sub, Chairman of Barun Electronics
Kim Tae-sub, Chairman of Barun Electronics (left)

Barun Electronics, a company specializing in comprehensive semiconductors, has started developing PA SiP module, which is a key component for base stations, ahead of commercialization of world's first 5G that is set for March of next year.

5G base station remote distance communication uses Massive MIMO technology, which is applied with 64 to 128 RF channels, as standard. 

This requires approximately 10 times the number of channels used for 4G LTE channels. At the same time, limitations of system space and heat emission are the biggest problems since current 4G LTE channels require individual PAs.

Barun Electronics has developed a small PA module that greatly improves size and efficiency compared to current PA modules.

This product has greatly improved its size and efficiency compared to current modules by aggregating power amplifiers and matching circuits used in 4G LTE systems into a single SiP module.

"We have minimized electricity consumption as well as miniaturization and high efficiency through high-level system package design technology." said Executive Director Lee Sung-soo of Barun Electronics. "We will actively target not only domestic but also foreign markets as a key part of 5G markets."

Meanwhile, 5G, an innovative technology that leads the fourth industrial revolution, is 20 times faster than LTE. 

Including South Korea, major countries such as the U.S., China, and Japan are expected to commercialize 5G next year.

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