Samsung Electronics manager says, "When men and women do a 'love shot' in China......"
Samsung Electronics manager says, "When men and women do a 'love shot' in China......"
  • Jung Se-jin
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Shows a video through mobile phone saying, 'They drink with physical contacts under their clothes'

A senior official at Samsung Electronics' Gwangju office made inappropriate comments regarding China and sexually harassed employees during a company dinner. The official even made sexual remarks and physical contacts, which were hard to talk about, and sexual harassment continued at the second and third drinking parties. 

According to TV Chosun, A, a manager of Samsung Electronics' Gwangju office, began to act absurdly in the dinner party with attendance of some 20 male and female employees on Nov. 23.

The manager A showed videos to employees through a mobile phone, saying, "A new type of 'love shot' in which men and women drink with physical contacts under their clothes is popular in China these days."
He also unwrapped his belt and hung it around his neck, and then made a naked remark, "My body part is the biggest."

The drinking party continued in the second and third rounds. The manager forced employees, including female ones, to play a game in which staffs move food from mouth to other's mouth, and he made inappropriate physical contacts in the karaoke room.

A female employee who attended the dinner raised the issue through the female staff council, but there was no action. Six days later, the female employee directly reported the manager's sexual harassment to the personnel department, and the department ordered the manager to stop going to work. "I will kneel down and apologize at any cost," the manager later said.

In response, Samsung Electronics said that the company suspended the manager to work and took him to the disciplinary committee after finding that the sexual harassment was true based on the investigation.

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