Controversy erupted over power trip by head of Samsung Electronics' overseas corp.
Controversy erupted over power trip by head of Samsung Electronics' overseas corp.
  • Dan Yoo
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Samsung Electronics has launched an investigation into allegations that a head of the company's overseas corporation has taken a big power trip, including abusive language of employees and sexual harassment remarks.

According to officials inside and outside the company on Dec. 25, a recent Samsung bulletin board posted a message saying, "As the number of employees who want to leave the company is increasing owing to a head of the firm's overseas corporation using inappropriate words and actions, we ask for an investigation at the company level."

The writer asserted that the head of the corporation did not allow local employees who cannot speak Korean to attend the meeting, and he verbally abused regardless of Korean or local employees.

Noting that the head also returned to his office drunk at lunch time or made sexual harassment remarks at dinner time, the writer said, "I understand that there are many cases collected by the Human Resources team, but no action has been taken at the company. Please investigate the case before it gets any bigger."

The posting was viewed more than 12,000 times in the afternoon of Dec. 20, and a considerable number of comments were posted, but it has been deleted, the Yonhap News Agency reported.

The news agency attempted to contact the head of the corporation to hear his position, but failed to hear the answer due to the lack of communication channels.

"The writer himself has deleted the posting, but the company will investigate the case," a Samsung Electronics source said in a telephone interview with the agency.

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