How to Survive in the Mobility Era
How to Survive in the Mobility Era
  • Im Byung-min/Columnist
  • 승인 2019.01.03 07:08
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'Advocacy marketing' is one of the essential survival methods of the Mobility era using AI chatbot solution.
Im Byung-min/Columnist
Im Byung-min/Columnist

We live in an era where we realize 'the speed of thoughts' of Bill Gates. It was very exaggerated or absurd when he told many stories in his book 19 years ago, but as we have reached at this time when we can share our thoughts with just touching on the touchpad with our fingers, we realized that his prediction was very accurate. The digital era he predicted at that time was realized through business models such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Samsung Pay and Instagram.

How should we live in the Mobility age? Because the more quickly we respond, the more we get in this age, so we need 'Advocacy Marketing'. That means to maximize customer benefits and to build close partnerships with customers not a simple customer relationship marketing strategy. It's a strategy to characterize and highlight brand in the digital space takes using the power of the online community. It's a kind of marketing method that represents the customer's interests.

For example, if you want to introduce your product in a digital space, you need to look at if you're managing your feedback well on your social networks from the side of 'Advocacy Marketing'. Because through the careful management, ‘Advocacy Marketing’ can have big power. A personification can be one kind of ways. In digital space well-managed goods are often considered as living objects. By treating brands and products like people, we can lead consumers to feel them friendly and support them voluntarily, for that reason we can reduce the gap between contents and products.

On the other hand, we should also be noted that the customer has the potential to have a negative effect on the reputation. No matter how good content is, there's no reason to subscribe to video channel repeatedly, so it's very important to build trust with special episodes or stories for creating loyal customers. Because searching with smart phone has become common and customers are increasing by smartphone advertising marketing, so we need to look for ways to advocate and encourage our customers in the side of 'Advocacy Marketing'.

A.I. technology is used for ‘Advocacy Marketing’ as well. Many brands use A.I. Chatbot to promote social media services and sales such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Facebook also provides chatbot solutions. We can regard it as a kind of ‘Advocacy Marketing’ that Facebook pursuits sharing revenue throughout newsfeeds and he plans to launch video apps and to partnership with TV broadcasting station. ‘Advocacy Marketing' is one of the essential survival methods of the Mobility era using AI chatbot solution in 2019.

Im Byung-min/Columnist(

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