Full-stack blockchain led by David Chaum initiates BetaNet node selection process
Full-stack blockchain led by David Chaum initiates BetaNet node selection process
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The scalable, fast, privacy-protecting Elixxir blockchain platform targets Summer 2019 for the launch of its BetaNet
David Chaum, The North American Bitcoin Conference - Miami
David Chaum, The North American Bitcoin Conference - Miami

[MIAMI] Elixxir, the full-stack blockchain led by the godfather of online anonymity, David Chaum, is initiating BetaNet implementation with the announcement of its BetaNet node selection process. The Elixxir platform leverages fundamental breakthroughs in decentralized technology to enable performance and privacy on a global consumer scale. Proprietary mix network design and multi-computation architecture allow the Elixxir platform to satisfy the four requirements needed for mainstream blockchain adoption: speed, privacy, security, and scalability, all on a ▷single chain.

The 6 steps of the Elixxir node selection process are as follows:

▷Initial Screening 
▷Publication of Applications 
▷Initial Selection & Public Review 
▷Final Node Selection
(Full description of the 6-step process can be found here))

Elixxir expects to select hundreds of third-party nodes to support the platform's first implementation outside of the lab environment. Using a community-driven and public process, Elixxir will vet beta node applicants in order to select operators to support the planned launch of the Elixxir BetaNet in the summer of 2019.  

Node selection marks the beginning of the governance process for the Elixxir platform.  The selection process will begin with a questionnaire that assesses previous node experience, priorities as a node operator, expectations regarding incentives & risk, geographic network diversity, and more. 

The questionnaire to begin Elixxir's Node Selection process will open for submissions on Monday, January 21st at 10am Eastern Standard Time. Click here.

"To date, blockchain technology has not targeted the requirements for consumer adoption. It doesn't have the level of privacy that consumers require, it doesn't have the kind of transaction speed needed, and it can't be built into the kind of smartphone apps consumers expect. With Elixxir, we've built a platform that meets all of these requirements," said CEO, David Chaum

Meeting the published node technical specifications, linked here, should be affordable, ensuring democratic accessibility for all interested operators. At current pricing, the estimated setup cost for a BetaNet node is approximately $1,600. BetaNet nodes will only require a single performant consumer GPU, a 8-16 core modern CPU, 8-64 GiB of RAM, a 500 Megabit network connection, and 500 GiB to 2 TiB of disk space.

The initial BetaNet will be launched to support Elixxir's fully-functional, proof-of-concept messaging dApp which will allow users to send messages securely and quickly, with true metadata-resistant privacy. As a next step, peer-to-peer payments will be rolled out within the messaging environment as the platform scales.

Sign-up for early testing of the proof-of-concept messaging is also available here.


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