Yiwugo.com Held the 7th Top 10 Vendors Award Ceremony
Yiwugo.com Held the 7th Top 10 Vendors Award Ceremony
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YIWU, China, Jan. 23, 2019-- On the evening of Jan. 18 "the 7th Yiwugo Top 10 Vendors Award Ceremony", attended by nearly 1,000 vendors from Yiwu China Commodities City, was held in the 1,200m2 broadcast studio at Yiwu TV Station. JUYIDE, DingXin Ribbon, Lukang Plastic Factory, FGB (Fancy Glass Beads), Xiaomifeng Towel Firm, Chaoling Cultural and Educational Supplies Firm, Nicole Jewelry, JANDJ FASHION RIBBON, Bole Toys, Shifeng Socks Co., Ltd. were elected as this year's top 10 vendors and received the prize at the ceremony.


Over the past seven years, the Top 10 Vendors Competition has provided a platform for the development of brands created by Yiwu vendors. Yiwu China Commodities City is the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world and one of the largest small commodity export bases in China. Self-owned brands have inherent advantages in expanding into overseas markets. Yiwu vendors, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, were beset with many difficulties in building their own brands, including the lack of capital and capacity. Launched by Yiwugo.com, the Competition pooled the strength of individual vendors, and enabled all participants to gain wider attention and publicity at a low cost through online voting, media exposure and We-media reposting, etc. While improving the influence and visibility of individual brands, the Competition also enhanced the overall image of Yiwu commodities.

Voting for the 7th Top 10 Vendors Competition began on May 10, 2018 to coincide with the "Chinese Brands Day" and ended on December 31, 2018 at midnight. Altogether the 10 top vendors, 190 "Industrial Elite Vendors" in 19 sectors, 80 "Model Vendors" in regional markets, and 10 "Leading Vendors" were elected and made this year's event unprecedentedly grand.

Issued in early January 2019 by CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Government, the Framework Plan on the Pilot Zone for Comprehensive Reform of Yiwu International Trade pushed all aspects of the comprehensive reform to a higher level. According to WANG Jianjun, CEO of Yiwugo.com, the pilot zone for comprehensive reform of Yiwu international trade has to accomplish six tasks, the third of which is to promote online-offline integration and build a comprehensive pilot area for cross-border e-business. As the official website of Yiwu China Commodities City, Yiwugo.com is dedicated to promoting integrated online-offline development of Yiwu market and offering higher-quality, more precise and more efficient services for a wide array of vendors and buyers.

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