KT is the world's first to have 5 million giga Internet users
KT is the world's first to have 5 million giga Internet users
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2019.03.11 12:55
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KT's Giga Internet users surpassed 5 million in 53 months after its release, reaffirming the status of KT's Giga Internet network, which is the first Korean company to commercialize. 

KT said on March 11 that KT's GiGA Internet, which started commercialization nationwide for the first time in Korea in October 2014, surpassed 5 million subscribers in March this year, 53 months after its launch, recording 58 percent of the subscribers of three telecommunication companies. 

The figure is equivalent to 23 percent of the total number of Internet users in Korea (as of the end of December last year, 21.3 million people) and one out of five is KT's Giga Internet subscribers.

The reason behind the growth of KT's Giga Internet subscribers is because KT had a strong wired infrastructure. 

FTTH-R, a technology that connects optical cables to every household, enables all services including broadcasting and communication as a network, is 57 percent, the highest among the three telecommunication companies.

"KT will continue to provide differentiated services and technologies that will help the Internet evolve Korea's Internet environment," said Jeon Beom-seok, executive director of KT's Internet business.

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