SKT ready to launch world No. 1 5G smartphone
SKT ready to launch world No. 1 5G smartphone
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SK Telecom's employees are experiencing variety of 5G services by utilizing 'Galaxy S10 5G', which is connected to 5G commercial network.

SK Telecom completed a major test for mass-production of Galaxy S10 5G on Feb. 25, following application of quantum cryptography communication network and 2.7Gbps 5G+LTE combination technology. 

Over the past two months, SK Telecom has tested thousands of items such as "5G device test lab" located in its Bundang building and 5G network at commercial sites - interworking tests between smartphones, interface verification and frequency conformance. 

By using special equipment from the laboratory, SK Telecom created about 100 virtual environments and conducted test by scenario. It is necessary to pass performance tests on 5G devices and commercial network to officially release Smartphones. This is why this process is called the final gateway to commercialization. 

It is predicted that release of world's first 5G Smartphone will be close with completion of this major test.


'5G-LTE-Wi-Fi Triple Aggregation' is also completed

SK Telecom succeeded in verifying "5G-LTE" technology on March 11 and applied it to Galaxy S10 5G first.

In addition, SK Telecom applied "Triple Aggregation", which utilizes 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi for data transmission at the same time, to Galaxy S10 5G and completed verification on 5G commercial network. With "Triple Aggregation," content or applications can be downloaded at up to 3.9 Gbps in areas where three networks are deployed at the same time. You can get one movie (2GB) in just four seconds. 

Virtual reality (VR) or ultra-high definition media (UHD) contents have 4-6 times more capacity than regular images. SK Telecom is planning to apply '5G media compression technology', which reduces media data consumption by more than 30%, to 5G VR services.

In addition, SK Telecom is going to preemptively upgrade its artificial intelligence network called "Tango", which was developed with its own technologies, to meet 5G Smartphones and commercialize it to 5G base stations and exchange stations in line with release of 5G Smartphones. 

The tango analyzes big data generated at base stations across the country and optimizes communication quality such as direction of antennas and coverage in real time. It also predicts factors for quality change such as a surge in traffic and solves it on its own. 

"We are going to commercialize high-tech technologies that are pre-prepared for 5G era in time for release of world's No. 1 5G Smartphone," said Director Park Jin-hyo of ICT Technology Center. "Based on front-line technology, our customers will be able to experience the highest quality even if they use the same phone."

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