Domestic Characters to the Global Market
Domestic Characters to the Global Market
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Korean characters look for global fame
When will Korea create a global character such as Mickey Mouse of the United States, Japan's Hello Kitty Maybe this is the time. 5 domestic characters are about to spread their charm to the world.


Before they fly to the world, on May 31, the project launch meeting named 'Domestic characters go to the World' was held in KOTRA. This is for fostering world-class global characters and the 5 characters that have confirmed to participate in this project are 'Yoohoo and Friends,' 'kaenimeol,' 'deurimkikseu,' 'grumpy,' 'Kam.' And they will receive intensive support from KOTRA, SBA (Seoul Business Agency) and KBIZ (Small and Medium Business Federation).


Source: KOTRA


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