KT captivates people's mind with its differentiated '5G song'
KT captivates people's mind with its differentiated '5G song'
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.05.16 12:24
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"Quickly, fast. It's 5G. It's convenient, comfortable. It's 5G ~ I like It!" KT captivates the mind of the public again with its catchy lyrics and cute, lively choreography of 5G song.

KT unveiled the world's first "5G superpower song" on YouTube on May 15, featuring the 5G characteristics. KT has produced the 5G song to enhance consumers' understanding of and familiarity with 5G with the hook song that anyone can easily sing along.

In particular, the 5G superpower song wrote the words "fast and comfortable," the biggest characteristics of 5G, and repeated the slogan "ultra-ability," to make it easier to follow.

In addition, it has added a cute running motion, which means "fast," and a squirt movement, a posture symbolizing the number "five," to make it easier for the public to follow.

"This 5G superpower song is designed to clearly convince consumers that 5G is KT. We hope that people in the entire nation will hum and sing along easily, including those at college festivals and baseball stadiums," said Yoon Jong-jin, vice president of KT's public relations office.

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