Smile with Dmetec, The World will Smile with You
Smile with Dmetec, The World will Smile with You
  • Kim Yea-rim
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Having white and bright teeth is what everyone in the world wants. Who wouldn't A dentist can give you a really nice white smile in a very short time. But dentists should not take all the credit for it. Dmetec makes bright and healthy teeth with their products, Cleanses S+ and Surgystar.

After 17 years Dmetec started to diversify to produce goods itself. Since then Dmetec has been engaging in manufacturing for dental equipment and now Dmetec has invented the first dental ultrasonic scaler and gun LED curing light in Korea. This well designed and high quality equipment has already proven its ability and is imported by 60 countries over the world including the United States and Europe. And it continues to expand in the global market. 

In the early days, Dmetec was famous for their dental scalers, within the dental industry. At the time, the domestic market relied on imports, so when Dmetec released the product, dentists in Korea were happy that they could finally get a high quality product for a reasonable price. 

In 2004, Dmetec brought out "Cleanses S+" which was Korea's first ultrasonic dental scaler and it soon became recognized for its great design and quality and was supplied to the domestic market as well as more than 60 nations in the world.

Cleanse S+

Cleanses S+ was registered in the FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) the very first year it came out. It can be adjusted from level one up to level ten depending on the amount of a patient's plaque. Also, the foot switch, which has a one touch power function, makes users comfortable even in a long treatment. In 2009, it was selected as a world class product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

In the early days, Dmetec received attention with the gun LED curing light-skylight from industry. It has an LED light, which is essential, powerful blue light for hardening resin and the machine operates 360 times (10 second standard) for only two hours of charging time. As we all know, the LED lamp is distinguished by its longer life (500 times) more so than traditional halogen lamps.  It also has high energy efficiency with low light loss. We sure can say that Dmetec's products engage in green technology.  In 2006, Dmetec was chosen as one of the superior technology companies by Technology Guarantee Fun.  Last year, the company received commendations from Bucheon Industrial Promotion Foundation and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It seems they already have great achievements, the company however isn't satisfied stopping yet. Instead of being content, they chose the ongoing investment in technology and in 2008, for the fourth in the world, they succeeded in commercialization for "Surgystar," the ultrasonic implant surgery machine.


Surgystar conducts safer surgery by minimizing the sinus membrane perforation which has been a problem for implant surgery. Since companies have been producing and developing the ultra scaler and they applied the technology in Surgystar. 

With the growth of the market, now this machine is considered as a necessary product in surgeries. Because it takes lots of time and money to invest in these kinds of products, it seems the Surgystar will maintain its position for a long time. This machine was also selected as a world class product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2009. Dmetec became the world leading company with their 2 selected world class products.

To keep leading in technology and competitiveness in the world, they continue to invest in R&D. Currently 7 researchers are involved in research and development and are devoted to creating Ultrasound surgical machinery for plastic surgery and medical lasers based on the technology of implant surgery machine.

During fall in 2010, Dmetec is expected to surprise the industry again with its brand new machine, Proto Type which is an Ultrasound surgical machine for plastic surgery.

The current domestic market is saturated, but Dmetec shows their confidence by saying that, "This machine is not like one of those machines already out, herewith the company will keep their reputation as the first Korean company who developed a new curing light, scaler and ultrasonic surgical machinery." Like in other industries, China brings low cost products and it causes fierce competition. However, the accomplishments Dmetec have made so far are enough to prove how much potential they have. 
All existing products except surgical machinery have been registered on CE, FDA. Surgical machinery is under enrollment at the FDA at the moment. And Dmetec plans to move the production base to Bulgaria and the US by 2014.

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