Com2us 'WonderTactics' Unveils New Raid Boss Monster with Update
Com2us 'WonderTactics' Unveils New Raid Boss Monster with Update
  • Jung So-yeon
  • 승인 2019.07.09 11:23
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Com2us (CEO Song Byung-joon) announced on July 9 that it will hold a reservation in advance of a large-scale update at its mobile RPG "WonderTactics." 

"WonderTactics" is a game that highlights a variety of hero-building and strategic plays, an intuitive manipulation system, and provides the fun of collecting and nurturing various heroes through vast combat content. The update will add a number of contents that add to the game's strategic fun, such as the addition of new raid boss monster and introduction of equipment transcending system.

The new raid boss, "Gira," is a monster with five heads. Each head of the monster has its own properties and skill, which is expected to show the highest level of difficulty in history. If the user wins the battle, special items may be rewarded. The "equipment transcending system" allows user to create one step stronger equipment than before.

Meanwhile, Com2us carries out an update pre-booking and presents "The Myth Hero Summoner" and "Hyper Devil" as gifts to all users who participate in the pre-booking process to summon the strongest-rated hero.

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