Hyundai Motor loses a patent suit for allegedly stealing technology from a smaller firm
Hyundai Motor loses a patent suit for allegedly stealing technology from a smaller firm
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.07.15 09:42
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Hyundai Motor Co., which is suspected of stealing technologies to remove odor from a small and medium-sized company, has finally lost a related patent suit.

The Supreme Court on July 12 upheld the original ruling that the judge ruled against Hyundai Motor, the plaintiff, in a lawsuit filed by Hyundai Motor against the BJC, a small and medium-sized company, asking it to cancel the ruling that the patent judge deemed Hyundai's patent registration invalid. 

BJC is a small and medium-sized company that has been in charge of removing the bad smell that occurs during Hyundai Motor's painting process since 2004. In 2006, the company jointly developed and registered a patent with Hyundai Motor to remove odors by using microbes.

However, Hyundai Motor suspended its contract with BJC after applying for a patent, saying it jointly developed the new technology with Kyungpook National University in January 2015.

The Supreme Court's ruling has rendered Hyundai Motor's application for a patent on deodorization ineffective. However, the decision was made only by determining whether Hyundai Motor's patents were invalid or not, so there has been no conclusion on whether the company stole the technology.

Judgment on whether the technology is stolen is expected to come through a separate civil lawsuit and a reinvestigation by the Fair Trade Commission.

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