NARO to Infinity and Beyond, Not Today Though
NARO to Infinity and Beyond, Not Today Though
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Naro (KSLV-I) is ready to go. On June 7, Naro-1  managed to pass a crisis due to the failure of electrical equipment connecting the launcher and projectile, after that all was well. On the 8th of June, in the morning, after the system testing, the management committee of NARO-1 judged that every operation performed properly, it was the final rehearsal for the launch. And today the final day of the rocket launch, earlier in the day the final decision to launch of Naro was announced as 17:00. However, due to  technical problems with a fire extinguisher hose, not the rocket itself, that has to be checked carefully by Russian and Korean engineers, it will not happen today.

So far a basic check was done for the first propellant and helium charging. And from around 10:00, the helium gas charged in Naro-1 which usually proceeds 7 hours before the rocket launching. And the range system would be checked 3 hours before the launch to inject fuel and oxidizer. But it has not even started yet. Currently it is analyzed that the weather conditions and the space environment of Naro space center factors do not affect the launch.

For the successful launch, weather conditions should be checked. The rocket will launch only under these circumstances, on the ground the wind: the average wind speed is 15m per second and below the speed of 21m/second at the peak wind speed. On the ground at a 30km height, the maximum wind speed should be less than 100m per second.

When the rocket does launch, three minutes and 35 seconds after it launches, Naro-1 is going to remove its pairing, 3 minutes and 52 seconds later a projectile in a stage will be separated and the Science Technology Satellite 2 will separate just nine minutes later. The beacon signal, which is able to check the survival of the satellite, sounds after 16 minutes, when it blasts off.


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