LG Uplus-Sejong City Announces 5G Self-driving Roadmap
LG Uplus-Sejong City Announces 5G Self-driving Roadmap
  • Jung So-yeon
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LG Uplus and Sejong City said on July 25 that they plan to demonstrate self-driving businesses that will enhance the stability of self-driving cars.

LG Uplus and Sejong City said on July 25 that they attended a meeting of mayors and provincial governors of the "Regulatory Free Special Zone" chaired by President Moon Jae-in at the APEC House in Haeundae, Busan, on July 24 to unveil 5G technologies and plans to demonstrate self-driving businesses that will enhance the stability of self-driving cars.

Some 50 key figures attended the meeting, including President Moon Jae-in, Strategy and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki, Minister of Public Administration and Security Jin Young, Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business Park Young-sun, Sejong City Mayor Lee Choon-hee, Choi Soon-jong, executive director of LG Uplus' corporate infrastructure business group, and Kang Jong-oh, in charge of future technology at LG Uplus. 

LG Uplus introduced various technologies that emphasize convenience and safety by putting 5G self-driving car technology and 'Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)' at the meeting.

In particular, LG Uplus displayed dynamic precision map (real-time update), 5G C-V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle communication), infotainment (4K media, AR and VR), and self-driving control (low-delay video, AI application). It also has 5G self-driving demonstration zone on one side so that visitors can experience the inside environment of a car.

LG Uplus and Sejong City plan to build and operate self-driving big data control centers in the future. They aim to be subject to Sejong City's landmark regulatory specials by 2021, and to foster a special zone for deregulation that carries out autonomous driving and leads the commercialization of services.

Specifically, the company will establish a dynamic map, control center, big data analysis and monitoring center to prepare a foundation for collecting and sharing self-driving data. It will also push for self-driving shuttle operation projects based on a stable 5G network at general roads, residential complexes and urban parks in Sejong City.

"We are developing 5G network and control systems that are essential for demonstration services in order to create a self-driving city," said Choi Joo-sik, vice president of LG Uplus' corporate division. "Through continued cooperation, we will focus on the quantitative and qualitative evolution of ICT technologies so that Sejong City can grow into a hub city for self-driving ecosystems."

Meanwhile, LG Uplus drew the industry's attention in March by publicly demonstrating the world's first 5G self-driving car running on city streets. In May, it also introduced an emergency vehicle priority signal technology with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which drastically reduces the time required for emergency vehicles and ambulances to respond to the situation.

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