Ssangyong Motor acknowledges New Tivoli’s problem about delay in acceleration
Ssangyong Motor acknowledges New Tivoli’s problem about delay in acceleration
  • Jung Jun-ho
  • 승인 2019.07.29 00:01
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Some models show trouble in gaining speed when they restart after a stop

Some of the gasoline models of the popular model "Very New Tivoli" released by Ssangyong Motor last month will be subject to free inspection and repair to fix the problem of the cars not leaving when they start again after a stop.

Ssangyong Motor said on July 26 that it has completed investigating the cause of customer inconvenience caused by some of its new Tivoli gasoline models and will soon implement free inspection measures.

Ssangyong Motor conducted an emergency analysis on the phenomenon of intermittent delays in acceleration when it stepped on the accelerator pedal to start after a stop in some of the Very New Tivoli gasoline models launched in June.

Since its launch, many people in Internet communities have complained that a sudden acceleration occurred when the car stopped and stepped on the accelerator again. Ssangyong began an emergency analysis on the matter.

The analysis revealed that the phenomenon was caused by the sensitive operation of the engine knock sensor when the drive and stop were repeated in rapidly hot weather, forcing the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to adjust the engine power.

Knocking refers to an abnormal phenomenon in which gasoline and air naturally explode without burning normally within an engine cylinder. Because explosion does not take place within a cylinder on time, output is reduced and sound like knocking on a door is heard. It reduces engine durability and in severe cases leads to defects.

Ssangyong Motor explained that it can resolve the phenomenon by allowing it to accurately judge sensor signals through the ECU's software updates. Ssangyong plans to complete necessary preparations, including improved software development with related companies, by Aug. 2.

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