Salesforce to apply low code blockchain platform to CRM solutions
Salesforce to apply low code blockchain platform to CRM solutions
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.08.06 11:53
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Salesforce, which leads the global CRM market, will apply blockchain technology to  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the first time, enabling companies to manage and share scattered data more easily and securely.

In particular, the low code development method, which enables the construction and utilization of blockchain networks with simple clicks based on the GUI without the need for a separate complex coding process, has significantly addressed the problem of low accessibility due to the high technology barriers of traditional blockchain technology. Through this, Salesforce is expected to offer an even better customer experience.

"One of the directions Salesforce seeks is to enable its customers to respond quickly to a changing future with advanced technology," said Bret Taylor, product manager for Salesforce, adding, "This is in line with the new Salesforce blockchain. This technology expansion allows us to build an unprecedented data management ecosystem and achieve more advanced interconnectivity."
Recently, the concept of "connectivity" has begun to emerge as essential to business operations and improving customer experience. This means that for a better customer experience, the network between the entities that make up the business must be robust. Accordingly, many companies are scrambling to secure interconnection of their businesses.
A special feature of blockchain technology in data management is "distributed ledge". Because of its excellent scalability, it is able to use variety of technologies such as tracking assets, granting certifications, and judging authenticity. 

CRM is no exception. Applying these characteristics to CRM enables the creation of business models and processes that efficiently control sales, services, and marketing as a whole.

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