Igneous Announces DataProtect Backup as-a-Service Direct to AWS
Igneous Announces DataProtect Backup as-a-Service Direct to AWS
  • Roberta Chan
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SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/KOREA IT TIMES) -- Igneous, Inc., the Seattle-based company delivering the only Unstructured Data Management (UDM) solution, today announced the release of the software-only version of DataProtect, a backup and archive service that writes data directly to any Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 storage (S3, Standard-IA, Glacier, Glacier Deep Archive). Delivered as-a-service, Igneous DataProtect is already the only backup and archive solution architected for the massive scale of unstructured, machine-generated file and object data. With this new release, Igneous gives its customers a simple and cost-effective strategy for protecting file and object data at scale, directly to any AWS tier of public cloud storage.

AWS Glacier Deep Archive is an economic game-changer, allowing customers options never before considered — such as moving on-premises backup and restore services to the public cloud. Igneous DataProtect Backup-as-a-Service optimizes file backup to be efficient in data-movement and cost-effective at expiration to fully capitalize on the value of AWS Glacier Deep Archive as a replacement for on-premises backup. Additionally, moving backup and archive data to cloud storage means Igneous customers only pay for the capacity they use and never worry about on-premises space constraints.

“This is a very exciting time for anyone looking to accelerate their cloud capabilities,” said Christian Smith, VP of Products, Igneous.“Unstructured data management is a core strategy as enterprises continue to modernization infrastructure operations,” says Smith. “Igneous provides unique value in moving data at scale directly to AWS with backup-as-a-Service to meet the most demanding SLAs. Now delivered to customers through a software-only option to secure their most valuable asset — data.”

With this release, protecting unstructured data with cloud storage has never been simpler. Get the same unstructured file data protection with DataProtect as before, but now in a software-only version. With this release, all that is required is a virtual machine environment, network connectivity, and an account with AWS. User’s take advantage of API integration with Tier-1 NAS providers, latency-sensitive data movement, high-performance file movement, and large-scale indexing. Combined with Igneous’ unique as-a-service model — which includes weekly software updates, proactive service monitoring, and fast security updates — users never have to think about system maintenance. In addition, Igneous Success Assurance provides SLA monitoring of tasks, capacity management, customer success, and white-glove onboarding experience.

“Enterprise organizations now have the missing piece of the puzzle to automate and modernize their IT operations with unstructured data protection for backup and archive in the cloud that is both simple and cost-effective,” said Amita Pontis, Research Director, IDC. “With Igneous’ data movement and as-a-service management, organizations can reduce the risk for the business by being able to meet SLAs that were otherwise ineffective due to legacy constraints. Customers can backup and archive for unstructured file data in the public cloud making digital transformation a reality.”

A 30-day free trial of the new Backup-as-a-Service offering is available immediately from Igneous. Igneous is a channel-driven company, DataProtect can be purchased from an Igneous authorized Value Added Reseller or from AWS Marketplace.

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About Igneous
Igneous delivers the only Unstructured Data Management (UDM) as-a-Service solution, giving data-centric enterprises visibility, protection, and data mobility at scale. Igneous’ API-enabled, cloud-native solution combines all UDM functions so that organizations can tap the value of their unstructured data, while reducing risk and optimizing IT resource utilization. Igneous: The right data, in the right place, at the right time.

For more information, visit www.igneous.io. Follow us on Twitter @IgneousIO and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/igneous.

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