Only 20 percent of Home Production on Semiconductor Equipment
Only 20 percent of Home Production on Semiconductor Equipment
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The Ministry of Knowledge Economy, COSAR (Consortium of Semiconductor Advanced Research) and semiconductor equipment companies held a "Semiconductor Equipment 2050 Joint Workshop" in Jeju from 17th June, for 2 days. After the workshop, they decided to develop 7 types of semiconductor equipment by 2012 through the 'Semiconductor Equipment Commercial Business.' Also, they plan to localize the products such as 300mm 40 nano process Micro-fabrication, lithographic process, cleaning deposition equipment, rare process wafer fabrication equipment and planarization equipment.

The commercial business, the size of KRW 88 billion, has been functioning since 2007 and it entered the second stage this year.

COSAR expects that when this project completes the revenue is over 300 billion in 2013 and the rate of home production would raise 2.4 percent point.

Despite its secure source of technology and the success of localization, the invented products at the first stage such as, deposition, etch and inspection equipment is expected to make profit on a full scale from next year due to device companies in Korea delaying investment and some products lacking standards.

In the semiconductor equipment industry, domestic demand accounted for 20 percent which is USD 5 billion, but the percentage of domestic equipment is only 20 percent. Since the level of R&D in Korea has improved to world-class levels, related persons and industry people expect to obtain excellent results soon. And the development of the equipment industry is also needed for sustainable growth.

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