Convenience stores announce suspension of liquid-type e-cigarettes sales
Convenience stores announce suspension of liquid-type e-cigarettes sales
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2019.10.29 12:18
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Liquid-type e-cigarettes have been kicked out of major convenience stores in South Korea three days after the government recommended people to stop using them.

CU, GS25, Seven-Eleven and E-Mart 24, the industry's top four, said they will stop selling four liquid-type electronic cigarettes, including lil vapor, SiiD Tundra and Delight. Out of 45,000 convenience stores in South Korea, the corresponding company's stores account for more than 90 percent of the total.

Earlier, the controversy over the harmfulness of liquid-type electronic cigarettes erupted in the U.S., prompting calls for action to be taken on products marketed in South Korea.

At that time, related industries such as convenience stores did not take any action, saying that liquid-type e-cigarettes, which are problematic in the U.S., contain harmful substances such as liquid marijuana and vitamin E acetate, while liquid-type e-cigarettes sold in Korea did not include.

However, convenience stores, which are major retailers, announced that they would stop selling liquid-type electronic cigarettes after the government recommended them on Oct. 23 to stop using them in connection with the controversy that they cause serious lung diseases.

GS25 and Seven-Eleven halted sales in advance on Oct. 24, a day after the announcement of the suspension recommendation, and CU announced the suspension on Oct. 25. E-Mart said it would discontinue issuing new supply for the liquid-type e-cigarettes on Oct. 27.

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