Hyundai Motor to voluntarily recall 79,000 i30s and 35,000 Palisades
Hyundai Motor to voluntarily recall 79,000 i30s and 35,000 Palisades
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2019.11.04 12:52
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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on Nov. 3 that it will implement a voluntary recall as manufacturing defects were found in 122,400 units of 22 models sold by Hyundai Motor, Porsche Korea, Ford Sales Service Korea, BMW Korea, Honda Korea and Moto Rossa.
In Hyundai's case, it was found that in the case of the i30 78,700 units, the frontal air bag can unfold even under the situation when the air bag does not unfold if the lower part of the body is impacted by a defect in the air bag control.

In addition, 34,900 units of the Palisade have been found to have the probability of the curtain airbags being unfolded incompletely, while 2,900 Sonata hybrids are found to have a warning lamp on or could be turned off when driving due to interference in wiring.
In the case of 5,300 units of Panamera imported by Porsche Korea for domestic sales, it was confirmed that the brake pad wear warning indicator cannot be displayed in a particular mode due to software error in dashboard.

Meanwhile, 400 units of the three models, including Ford's Mondeo, will be recalled as the bolts of the power-steering motor could corrode and break down in a highly corrosive environment.
The production companies will inform the owners of the cars how to correct the problem by mail or mobile phone text. If the owner of the car repaired the defect at his own expense before the defect was corrected, he may apply to the manufacturer for compensation for the repair.

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