Hyundai Rotem releases power dispersion type of high-speed trains
Hyundai Rotem releases power dispersion type of high-speed trains
  • Jung Jun-ho
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Hyundai Rotem EMU-250 (Courtesy of Hyundai Rotem)

Hyundai Rotem said on Nov. 4 that it has released the initial compilation of the "EMU-250," a power dispersion type of high-speed train, in Changwon plant.

The EMU-250, the first batch in three years since Hyundai Rotem won 114 orders from KORAIL in 2016, is expected to be fully delivered by next year. The EMU-250 is expected to be deployed on the Gyeongjeon line, central lines, western and central inland lines, with operations to begin in 2020.

The EMU-250 is the first power-dispersed high-speed train to be introduced in South Korea, which used to have only power-concentrated high-speed trains such as KTX-Sancheon and SRT.

The power distribution high-speed train is a vehicle that is distributed at the bottom of each vehicle in which the power unit makes up the train, unlike the power-concentration system, which depends only on the power car at the front and rear of the train.

Power-dispersed high-speed trains are regarded as efficient vehicles in the domestic railway environment with high curve and short intersections, and their passenger transport capacity is also excellent as all vehicles of trains consist of rooms without separate power vehicles such as power-concentrated high-speed trains.

Power-dispersed express trains are becoming a global trend, accounting for the majority of orders in the global high-speed train market.

In 2012, Hyundai Rotem secured technological capability to manufacture power-dispersed high-speed trains by developing the HEMU-430X, which is the fastest 430km/h high-speed train, and based on this, the EMU-250 was created.

The EMU-250 consists of six cars per compilation with a maximum speed of 260 km/h. The EMU-250 maximized passenger transport capabilities, securing 18 more seats than the 363 seats in KTX-Sancheon.


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