Netflix drama embroiled in controversy over Korean racial discrimination
Netflix drama embroiled in controversy over Korean racial discrimination
  • Kim Min-jee
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The dialogue, "My cum tastes like kimchi," was deleted from the Korean version of the trailer

Netflix has been embroiled in controversy over Korean racial discrimination. This is because Netflix used kimchi, the signature dish that Koreans enjoy, to express its "disgraceful taste" in its self-produced hit drama.

The official trailer for Netflix’s original drama, Season 2 of Otis’ Secret Counseling Center, on YouTube on Jan. 8 showed the main character engaged in sex counseling for students and friends at Muirdale High School, where he suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.

A character tells the main character Otis, "My cum tastes like kimchi." The negative meaning of "bad smell" is being compared to Korean food kimchi, which is causing displeasure to Koreans.

Korean viewers reacted strongly after watching the video. In particular, the controversy escalated as the official trailer for the Korean version left out the corresponding scene and lines.

The comments in the trailer included responses such as "clearly aware that the lines related to kimchi were only deleted in Korea," "It is insulting to make remarks comparing traditional Korean food to semen," and "I am angry because it made such remarks with traditional Korean food."

Some viewers declared a boycott of Netflix on social networking services (SNS), and certified the cancellation of the subscription.

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