Gyeongdong Navien to spread Korea’s heating technology by participating in Aquatherm Moscow 2020
Gyeongdong Navien to spread Korea’s heating technology by participating in Aquatherm Moscow 2020
  • Jung Jun-ho
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Gyeongdong Navien's booth at ‘Aquaterm Moscow’ last year (Courtesy of Gyeongdong Navien

Gyeongdong Navien announced it will participate in the "Aquaterm Moscow 2020" event from February 11 to 14.

Aquatherm Moscow is the largest exhibition of heating and cooling facilities in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) where more than 30,000 visitors visited as well as 770 companies from 30 countries, including production, import and design of heating and cooling systems.

Gyeongdong Navien plans to spread Korea’s heating technology and make it a strategic bridgehead to advance into the CIS as the dominant player in the Russian boiler market, where European brands have traditionally been strong through participation in the Aquatherm exhibition.

At the exhibition, Gyeongdong Navien will introduce a new product that can respond to diverse consumer needs and different heating environments, with the top-selling "wall-mounted gas boiler" in Russia.

In its flagship gas boiler segment, the company will display its 2020 new Deluxe-One along with the Deluxe-S, which has established itself as Russia’s next national boiler. ‘Deluxe-One’ is a boiler for heating only, and its convenience has been enhanced so that it can be used by connecting separate hot water tanks to reflect the needs of consumers who want to supply plenty of hot water.

In addition, the company will display premium condensing boiler "NCB 700," which is creating an eco-friendly wind in Russia, and electric boiler "EQB," which can be powered by electric heat sources, and expand consumer options.

The company released its first WIFI remote control smartphone in 2014 and plans to introduce a new WIFI thermostat called "NR-40D" this year.

Because ‘NR-40D’ can be linked to all of its products sold in Russia by applying IoT technology, it can be used not only by customers who purchase new products but also by consumers who purchase existing products in Russia.

The company also plans to accelerate its advance into the Russian commercial boiler market in earnest this year.

"Gyeongdong Navien is expanding its product lineup to strengthen its competitiveness in the home boiler market," said Kim Taek-hyun, head of the Russian firm. "We will also consolidate our presence in the commercial boiler market, thus upgrading its strategy with the aim of expanding its base beyond Russia to the CIS."

Meanwhile, Gyeongdong Navien became the first boilermaker to reach 1 million in sales in 2018, five years after the establishment of a Russian corporation. In particular, the market has been steadily expanding, posting an annual average sales growth of 5 percent over the past five years until 2018.

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