Lowest Power Touch-Sense Microcotrollers
Lowest Power Touch-Sense Microcotrollers
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AUSTIN- Expanding its ultra-low-power F9xx MCU family, SiliconLaboratories Inc. (NASDAQ: SLAB), a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, today introduced the industry's lowest power capacitive touch-sense microcontrollers (MCUs) delivering wake-on-touch power consumption below one microamp. The latestadditions to Silicon Labs' C8051F9xx family include F99x MCUs with integrated touch-sensetechnology for human interface applications and F98x MCUs targeting power- and cost-sensitiveapplications such as home automation, smart meters, lighting control, security systems, gamesand toys.

Like other members of the F9xx MCU family, Silicon Labs' new ultra-low-power F99x andF98x MCUs offer the industry's lowest power consumption in active mode, sleep mode anddeep sleep mode. In addition to consuming the lowest current per MHz, a common industryspecification, the new MCUs contain an integrated low drop-out (LDO) regulator that keeps the-more-Silicon Labs Introduces Lowest Power Touch-Sense MCUscurrent constant at 150 microamps per MHz over the entire operating range of 1.8 to 3.6 V. Theon-chip LDO regulator helps reduce the MCU's drain on the battery by 50 percent compared tocompeting products, which extends battery life and makes the ultra-low-power F99x and F98xMCUs ideal for battery-powered applications.

"With the introduction of our latest ultra-low-power MCUs, we've expanded our industry-leading F9xx family to provide additional feature set and memory size options to meet ourcustomers' application needs," said Mark Thompson, vice president of Embedded Mixed-Signalproducts at Silicon Labs. "As the first IC supplier to achieve sub-microamp wake-on-touchpower consumption for touch-sense MCUs, we continue to push the boundaries of extremepower efficiency through mixed-signal innovation."

The new F99x touch-sense MCUs, a part of Silicon Labs' QuickSense® family of humaninterface devices, combine ultra-low-power capabilities with fast, accurate capacitive sensingtechnology to address the rapidly growing touch-sensing market. The F99x devices feature apatent-pending, high-resolution capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) with a 40 microsecondacquisition time, enabling the industry's fastest capacitive touch-sense capability. TheCDC offers superior noise immunity for reliable performance in challenging conditions andconfigurations such as thick laminate overlays, electrical noise or variances in circuit boardmanufacturing.

Available with up to 14 capacitive sensing inputs, the F99x MCUs support sophisticated andhighly responsive touch-sense functions to replace traditional mechanical buttons, sliders andwheels. By combining the F99x ultra-low-power MCUs with Silicon Labs' Si11xx QuickSenseinfrared and ambient light sensors, system designers can develop innovative "touchless"proximity sensing interfaces. These touchless interfaces enable users to control and interact withend products through simple, intuitive gestures, in addition to using direct capacitive touch-sensecontrol.

The new F99x and F98x MCUs integrate a 25 MHz pipelined 8051-compatible core, a precisionoscillator, a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a temperature sensor, a voltage referenceand four timers. The new low-power MCUs also add 2, 4 and 8 kB flash options to the F9xxfamily, which offers a broad range of footprint- and software-compatible ultra-low-power MCUsSilicon Labs Introduces Lowest Power Touch-Sense MCUsPage 4scaling up to 64 kB of flash. For added board design flexibility, the F99x and F98x MCUs areavailable in standard 24-pin QFN and 24-pin QSOP packages as well as a new, space-saving20-pin 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package option that's ideal for space-constrained applications.

Pricing and AvailabilitySamples of the new F9xx MCUs are available now with production quantities planned for Q3.Product pricing in 10,000-unit quantities begins at $0.85 (USD).The new F99x and F98x MCUs are supported by the C8051F996DK development kit (availablefor $99 USD), the ToolStick990DC daughtercard (available for $9.90 USD) and ToolStickprogramming adapters (priced at $69 USD each) to support the three available package options.The F990SliderEK capacitive touch slider evaluation kit (available for $29 USD) demonstratesthe low-power and robust touch-sense capabilities of the F99x MCUs. QuickSense Studio,an easy-to-use software environment that enables developers to design touch-sense interfaceswithout creating a single line of code, can be downloaded at www.silabs.com/pr/QuickSense.

SOURCE: Silicon Laboratories

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