Korean Air signs a follow-up contract with Airbus Helicopters to supply A350 aircraft cargo doors
Korean Air signs a follow-up contract with Airbus Helicopters to supply A350 aircraft cargo doors
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2020.05.22 10:17
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Cargo door location / Courtesy of Korean Air

Korean Air recently signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters, a subsidiary of Airbus, to provide follow-up supplies for the A350 aircraft Cargo Door.

Korean Air signed a contract to develop and supply a total of 800 A350 aircraft cargo doors in 2011, and successfully developed the A350 aircraft cargo doors in 2012 and has delivered more than 500 cargo doors to date.

Under the deal, Korean Air will be able to deliver an additional 400 A350 aircraft cargo doors after delivering 800 products under the existing contracts. 

The cargo door of the A350 aircraft, designed and developed by Korean Air, consists of three doors: the forward cargo door, the rear cargo door and the bulk cargo door. Cargo doors are the main composite structure of the fuselage part that is directly related to stability in operation and require advanced technology such as high precision and design of driving devices for door opening and closing.

In particular, Korean Air plans to jointly develop 3D printing parts with Airbus and Airbus Helicopters. It will take advantage of this as an opportunity to further develop the technology for manufacturing aircraft parts.

Meanwhile, Korean Air plans to create additional businesses by strengthening its partnership with Airbus in the future, while actively securing competitiveness in advanced manufacturing technologies for metal and composite components.

Korean Air employees are working at a A350 aircraft cargo door assembly workplace. /Courtesy of Korean Air


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