The iPhone 4 Release: Not This Month, But Next Month For Sure
The iPhone 4 Release: Not This Month, But Next Month For Sure
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iPhone 4


Apple's iPhone 4 will finally be released on August 27th in Korea. Is this time for real Hopefully! Yesterday, Apple applied the propagation certification audit for iPhone 4 to RRL (Radio Research Laboratory). If the test result shows nothing is wrong, the final approval for the release will be announced next week. Then, all the Apple fans in Korea can finally get an iPhone 4 in their hands by next month.

However, it is quite early to get excited about the release. Even if the phone passes the examination, the domestic release of the iPhone 4 will not materialize that soon. Although some expect it to proceed to the market in early August, it won't be released until the end of the month due to supply situations and customs procedures. Also, the advent of a new variable such as the government certification is what causes the delay of the release even after it passes all the tests. However, the iPhone 4 release date in Korea is set for August 27th. Apple and iPhone fans can only cross their fingers and wait in anticipation.

With the inevitable arrival of the iPhone 4, a fierce competition with the Galaxy S is unavoidable to become leaders of the smartphone market.

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