Lotte to Open Shopping Mall in Jakarta

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Friday, May 31st, 2013

SEOUL, KOREA - Lotte Group will open a new large-scale shopping mall on June 22 near the Mega Kuningan district, the luxury business area in Indonesia's capital Jakarta. Lotte Shopping Avenue will set up shop in nine floors from B3 to sixth floor in the 53-story Ciputra World Jakarta building. The total floor area is 109,100 square meters, about 1.6 times bigger than that for the Lotte Department's main store in downtown Seoul.
Lotte to Open Shopping Mall in Jakarta
Not unlike any other shopping malls in Indonesia, the shopping center will have an usual array of shops and amenities. But what's different is its "software" aspect, including Korean-style management and services. All local salespersons have been trained in Korea for two months which emphasized enthusiasm and helpfulness to the customer. For example, salespeople must greet the customer in the most welcome manner and run to the storage area if they are asked to look for a certain size of the shoes.
Lotte Shopping Avenue will host a total of 478 stores including Korean clothing brands such as TBJ and Buckaroo as well as restaurants, movie theaters, and duty-free shops. The fact that 23 percent of the tenants are eateries and cafes, an unusual percentage in Korean standards, reflects that the time has come for the middle-class consumers in Jakarta to spend time and socialize in malls.
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