Samsung to Release Low-price Smartphone Lineup “Galaxy A Series”

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

SEOUL, KOREA - Samsung Electronics plans to release a low-pricedsmartphone lineup, aimed at coping with the challenge posed by Xiaomi which isriding high on the brisk demand in China.According to industry sources onOctober 28, Samsung will release low-priced smartphone lineup “Galaxy A Series”in China in early next month. 

The introduction of the Galaxy A Series, consisting ofGalaxy A3, A5 and A7, is part of Samsung’s efforts to regain its share in theworld’s largest smartphone market where it is competing fiercely with localsmartphone brands including Xiaomi. 

Xiaomi, founded in 2010, sold 19 million smartphones inthe third quarter of this year, grabbing the third largest share in the globalsmartphone market in just four years after founding. 

Xiaomi, in particular, is expanding its market sharerapidly in its home market, overtaking Samsung and Apple in a row.The retailprices of the Galaxy A Series are estimated to be around $350-$500, slightlyhigher than Xiaomi’s M14 which is now selling at the price of about $320.


Article provided by The Korea Economic Daily


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