LG Ultra OLED TV Named as Best TV in the U.S. and Europe

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Friday, July 3rd, 2015

LG Electronics announced on July 1 that its Ultra OLED TV was recognized as the best TV in the two premium markets including the United States and Europe.

In the TV image quality comparison test organized by U.S. home appliance retailer Value Electronics, LG Electronics’ 65-inch Ultra OLED TV (65EG9600) was selected as the “King of TV.”

Value Electronics created an evaluation team consisting of 80 image professionals, journalists, and consumers and compared the quality of four premium TV models in seven categories, including contrast ratio, color accuracy, viewing angle, screen uniformity, and natural movement.

LG Ultra OLED TV topped in five categories in consumer evaluation and three categories in professional evaluation. LG’s Ultra OLED TV also gained critical acclaims in Europe where its 77-inch model (77EC980V) was named as the Most Innovative Brand of the Year in the home entertainment video category at the Plus X Award held in Germany.

Covering the areas of technology, sports and life style, the Plus X Award is given to the most innovative products and brands selected by a group of globally prestigious professionals and journalists in 27 industries.


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