JEI University Establish Completion Online System for Entrance Application

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Developing the intelligent application reception system considering user convenience
Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

JEI University, located in Incheon city, South Korea, has established a college admissions application online system that the university can self-manage.It has been in operation since September 11, 2017 at the time of accepting applications.

This system ( is a quick and easy-to-use one for mobile and PC applications using the internet for aspiring college applicants who wish to submit applications for admission to Incheon JEI University. The system was constructed with consideration for maximum user convenience for ease of application processing. The functions are composed of applicant registration, application form, receipt confirmation, payment of application fee, and application reception management.

Lee Ki-woo, President of JEI University said that "this system evaluated the convenience and satisfaction with a practical testing process during which high school students and high school teachers participated directly to improve user satisfaction." He added, "it is necessary to develop an intelligent application reception system with user convenience in mind."

This semester, the application fee will be waived for those applications submitted directly through this system.




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