A College Student Develops Youtube Instant
A College Student Develops Youtube Instant
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Feross Aboukhadijeh
Last week, Google introduced Google Instant, which provides it's users with real time search results as you are typing. This feature has provided efficiency and convenience for many Google users. Just this week, somebody has created another real time search result for the popular video sharing website Youtube.
Feross Aboukhadijeh, a 19 year old Stanford University student, remarkably created this feature in three hours. He was just a regular college student that was impressed with the Google Instant feature and decided that he would bet his roommate that he can build a Youtube Instant within a hour. So he and his roommate made that bet, and three hours later, Youtube Instant was developed. After finishing his product, he posted his work on his Facebook page.
The next morning, he got countless emails congratulating him, many job interview requests, a server flooded with Web traffic, and the creation of a Wikipedia entry in his name. There has also been a rumor saying that he received a job offer from Youtube CEO Chad Hurley via Twitter.
.Currently, he is finishing up a summer internship with Facebook. At this point it is unclear what his decision for his future will be, but he has stated that, "I would like to finish college." Shortly after the creation of Youtube Instant, there were the creations of Google Maps Instant and Instant Wikipedia.

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