Hyundai Means Hybrid
Hyundai Means Hybrid
  • Matthew Weigand
  • 승인 2009.04.09 15:17
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Hyundai Motors has the most hybrid vehicles on display this year at the Seoul Motor Show. They have both hybrid concept cars and older vehicle lines which have been adapted to become hybrids. The HND-4, first of all, according to the press release, “signals the birth of a concept car that will lead the next-generation of hybrid vehicles.” If that uncharted territory is only design work, it will be worth it. The HND-4 is designed to be what the future of cars should look like.

Another hybrid concept car, this one a crossover, is the HED- 6. It is dubbed a crossover car because it combines features of both sedans and SUVs. In-between the two, the “HED-6 ixionic is a top-notch hybrid car that introduces a new paradigm in future-oriented motor vehicles.” If one has to choose between the next generation and the future-oriented, one knows it is a good choice to have to make.

Hyundai also showed its Avante Hybrid, Click Hybrid, Santa Fe Hybrid and Verna Hybrid vehicles, all in a row. The company never goes halfway, even adapting existing models to be hybrid vehicles. In the hybrid game, Hyundai is most definitely on top.

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