Is the Advanced Cell Phone Actually Better?
Is the Advanced Cell Phone Actually Better?
  • Natasha Willhite
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Convenient and Instant

For many people, there is no rush to grab their phone when it rings. Typically, the sound is just an alert for an incoming text message. If busy with other things, it is easy to simply ignore the text message until there is a spare moment to read and respond. No longer do we need to look at our caller ID and dread what is waiting for us on the other side. With text messages, all of the information is usually listed in the first text. Corresponding back and forth is easier with fewer interruptions or distractions we may experience while on the phone with someone.

The time and place for texting or mobile browsing is not limited like with phone conversations. How often do we see a person in a quiet place pull out his or her phone to speak on it It is common courtesy to cause as little inconvenience to others as possible, so the best option seems to be through voiceless means: text messaging or emailing via mobile web.

It is also easier to use text messaging in loud environments. It is natural for people to ignore a phone call when in a loud place because it is obvious that the person will not hear what is said. Instead, texting this person explaining the situation and asking what he or she was going to say is more reasonable. There are no more headaches of trying to find a location in which you can hear each other. The conversation is less strained because no one is screaming at one another to be heard.


Demanding and Distracting

It is not a secret that after someone sends a text, he or she is expecting the person to reply shortly. It is even to the point that if it exceeds about 10-15 minutes, the person will consider it rude or being ignored. Basically, there is a list of unwritten etiquette related to this type of correspondence that could drive a person insane! There are people who actually get offended by this inaction even without knowing the reason the person has not yet replied. Thus, text messaging or emailing through mobile browsers is demanding! Say 'good bye' to free-time. Say 'hello' to the tension between people that could be enough to kill any bit of happiness.

Ever sit in a meeting or a classroom and hear annoying ringtones or vibrations If that's not enough, many people will proceed by taking out their phones and start text messaging even during important moments. Although this person is not speaking out loud, it is just as distracting, especially for the people closest to him or her. Think about it, this may be the reason that many companies and schools are banning mobile phone use. Consequently many may people follow cell phone etiquette, but have issues following common courtesy.

For the average person, cell phones can be distracting. Cell phone use can be addicting when you know that anything and everything is at the tip of your fingers. It is a way that we can get ourselves out of 'boring' moments which consequently tend to be the most important. These are the moments when we find ourselves thinking, "I wish I listened to.." or "I wish I remember what he said." Everyone has these moments.

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