Is IE9 just like other Internet Browsers?
Is IE9 just like other Internet Browsers?
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.03.17 10:59
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Minnesota, USA March 16, 2011- After Microsoft's latest update in Internet Explorer (IE), it looks like it is catching on to what consumers want: no clutter or bulky look. Its previous appearance clearly put the focus on the browser. The tool bar- plus additional ones if you are the typical user- used to be overwhelming in size. After the upgrade to the new IE9, the space of about 1 and a half inches-approximately 3.8 centimeters- of multiple add-on tool bars easily reduced to half that. However, Microsoft lacked in design originality; the overall look resembles the Google Chrome browser to the point where I needed to check twice to make sure I was in the right browser.

Over the years, the growth in popularity of browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome pointed to the fact that Microsoft was not providing users with the desired experience. Although I use nearly every browser, occasionally I find myself using IE to the point where I have witnessed every upgrade. When IE8 debuted months ago, I was impressed; however, I realize that I do not even remember what changed from the previous version. I admit that there is no way for me to forget a change like this. Then again, it looks the same as other browsers, so perhaps it is soon to be forgotten.

As I waited for the download and installation, I started having doubts that quickly subsided after the slow installation made a fast change. The first 6 minutes consisted of download with a remaining of only 4 minutes for the complete install. It shows that nothing should be judged prior to the actual experience.

IE made it easy to access any site that I frequently visit; in addition, it showed how often I actually visited by representing it with colored bars that varied in length. In a new tab, it gives the option to reopen any closed tabs, which cuts back on the frustration anyone can have when tabs are accidentally closed; there is no need to open up the browsing history to find the sites that are not used often. Easy access definitely is the focus of the new IE9. The one-click to many popular sites makes fast surfing even easier than before!

I highlight my initial observations about IE9. Perhaps after my findings, you will also make a switch- at least for a little while until some other browser catches your attention.

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