Google's 'Messages for Japan' a Hit!
Google's 'Messages for Japan' a Hit!
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.04.12 06:44
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Minnesota, USA April 11, 2011- Last month, Google quickly responded after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and massive Tsunami hit Japan by introducing its 'People Finder' - a tool that helped people find their loved ones who were amid this catastrophe. As a company with ambition to help those with recovering from disaster, Google demonstrates its full-hearted support by offering a space, 'Messages for Japan', where people can give or receive encouragement. Google expressed that the physical damage is not the only concern, but rather the spirit of the people affected; the earthquake did not only shake the earth but the hearts of the people.


Google combined several of its features to reveal the ideal 'support system'; no matter the language that someone speaks, it will automatically translate the message from any major language into Japanese. This is especially helpful for those who would like to express their hopes and dreams for the victims of this horrific natural disaster. This is a definite way for people to reach out to all of those who were affected by this disaster and know that what is said and felt will reach the people in that area. It touches the heart to know that we are able to make a difference no matter how small it may appear to be.

'Messages for Japan' also includes links for ways to donate to Japan whether it is by connecting people with the Red Cross or other global organizations such as Give2Asia or International Medical Corps- for a complete list visit Google thought of every way to make giving easier for everyone. If people are not able to give money, giving hope is just as good if not better. It is easy to see that technology is putting more 'personal touch' into aiding others in a different part of the world.

Some encouraging messages on the site include: "Though we are worlds away know that you are in our thoughts, our prayers, and that the world is with you" and "I cannot imagine what you are going through. Knowing that on one side of the world there is so much pain and hunger causes me a lot of grief. But you are so brave and courageous; that gives me a lot of inspiration. I want you to know that you are in our hearts and minds every moment and that we all know you will prosper once again. May there be a ray of hope through those dark abashing clouds."



The needs of Japan vary from person to person; however, everyone needs to feel the support of others even if they do not personally know them. Some may need to hear that there are prayers for the situation to improve while others need to hear the words that they are achieving something spectacular simply by getting through this nightmare of days.

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