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Konica-Minolta and Fujitsu Korea Join Hands for Printing Solution Biz. in Korea

>> Cooperative Agreement Aims at Upgrading Domestic Printer Market

Konica-Minolta Printing Solutions recently selected Fujitsu Korea as its distributor here. With this tieup, Fujitsu Korea will start providing the domestic market with Konica- Minolta's full range of black and white and color laser printer products.

Since Konica-Minolta and Fujitsu Korea established FMIT (Fujitsu Minolta Imaging Technology) on May 16, 2001, the two companies have been closely cooperating for the development of a tandem system color laser printer. The fruit of this cooperation was the launch by both companies of the Magic Color 7300, equipped with a tandem system.

Konica-Minolta Printing Solutions was born of a merger between Konica and Minolta last August. The JV presents a wide range of color and black and white laser printers. As a specialized laser printer provider, it has been on the fast growth track since the establishment of its domestic branch.

"Through the recent cooperation agreement, Konica-Minolta plans to diversify the domestic laser printer market and present high-speed, spread-model laser printers suited to local market conditions," said a Konica- Minolta executive. "On the basis of Fujitsu Korea's business know-how and Konica- Minolta's technological prowess, a successful coalition is ensured."

Fujitsu Korea sold the company's printer products from 1998 to 2001, concentrating on high-speed printers for corporate use. As Konica-Minolta is traditionally strong in the systems integration (SI) business, the company is expected to put efforts into the SImodel business for corporate customers, along with its basic product business, in the years to come.

"This partnership is expected to create synergy effects with Konica-Minolta's excellent products and Fujitsu Korea's printer business and SI business expertise," said a source at Fujitsu Korea. "Fujitsu Korea will concentrate on the expansion of the distribution network to spread laser color printers more widely."

by Lee Gwang-jae Reporter /

Maxtor, Linksys to Cooperate in Personal Network Solution, Marketing

axtor and Linksys, an affiliate of Cisco Systems, agreed to develop personal network solutions and technologies to store, manage, share and transmit personal entertainment content at home and to cooperate in joint marketing.

Maxtor and Linksys will also cooperate in promotions for Maxtor's OCC hard drive, axtor OneTouchproducts and inksys Network Storage Link, NSLU2.Maxtor OneTouch drives will be connected to storage links on wired and wireless home networks to share, store and get access to photo and music data and digital content on networks. The product can link one USB port with Linksys Network Storage Link which will be hooked to a router so that other equipment at home and office can be linked to networks.

Mike Cordano, Maxtor's sales and marketing vice president, said that he is anticipating major opportunities that the home network market leader Linksys will bring. By combining each other's strength and technical power, the companies can provide easy and refined solutions to consumers.

PPS Picks Seven Server Suppliers for Korean Campus Network Korea's Public Procurement Service (PPS) recently picked seven suppliers for the nation's third campus network project, which is expected to require 1600 servers. The campus network server project will install small terminal servertype systems to use enable existing PCs to be used as client terminals. The PPS is the central purchasing house for various government agencies and public organizations. The seven winners include two multinationals (Korea HP and LG IBM), four domestics (Samsung Electronics, Uniwide Technologies, eSlim Korea and Sambo Computer) and Gigabyte of Taiwan. They will compete for orders from schools throughout the country.

The bid covered four fields of Intel tower and rack systems, and AMD tower and rack systems, and selected suppliers in three fields excluding the AMD tower type. Para System (Sambo Computer), J&Tech (Samsung Electronics), Softland (Korea HP), LOIT and IT Sannetwork (LGIBM) won the bid in the Intel Tower type servers. In the Intel rack type servers Softland (Korea HP), BI Information (Gigabite), IT Sannetwork (LGIBM), J&Tech (Samsung Electronics), Para System (Sambo Computer) and LOIT won. In the AMD rack type servers, Para System (Sambo Computer), BI Information (Uniwide Technologies) and eSlim Korea won.

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