Participating Company - KT group pavilion
Participating Company - KT group pavilion
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KT/ KTF to Exhibit under Theme of our Ubiquitous Partner"
KT Group Wire/Wireless Network Infra & Solutions Form Base of biquitous" Service

Under the theme, KT/KTF "Your Ubiquitous Partner" the KT Group pavilion (with participation by KT, KTF, KTP, & KTH) plans to demonstrate that the Group's wire and wireless Network infra as well as its solution are the basis of its "Ubiquitous" mobile telecomm services. An executive of KT said in a special interview with The Korea IT Times on the occasion of the ITU Telecom Asia 2004 that the company will aim to promote itself as having the ability to enrich ordinary life through its ubiquitous approach to delivering telecomm services.

To realize this goal, KT plans to strengthen its marketing support, boost its corporate image through the KT Group's state-of-the-art wire/wireless integration service as well as new technology exhibitions. Further, it is company strategy promote the convergence of broadband services.

Lee Yong-geong, president of KT once said, "Broadband has been employed mainly in wired communication up to now, but now wireless data communication is rapidly being adopted in broadband services so that wire and wireless communication will begin to converge from this year on. Broadband service has numerous applications that can create new revenue streams besides being a simple access tool." Also, he predicted that the Korean high-speed Internet service will eventually become "4A" accessible by anyone, anywhere and anytime through any device within a few years.

In consideration of the current trend whereby convergence is occurring between telecommunications and home appliances, and wired and wireless services, KT will work toward the creation of a "ubiquitous" reality through its broadband-based digital home services and wireless Internet service. Different exhibition booths will showcase a series of zones or locales in a hypothetical Ubiquitous Society, including a home, a street and a university campus, each supported and connected to the other by KT's system, plus its solutions and devices.

KT will emphasize throughout the convention that the KT Group's wireless network infra and solution are the fundamental bases on which the so-called Ubiquitous Society will be realized, and which is touted as a means of making our lives so much more convenient. The exhibit profile of the KT section includes Home N, the world's first full-scale broadband home networking service that provides a variety of applications. They include wired and wireless high-speed Internet access, high-quality video and audio, home automation (controlled information terminals and home appliances), and twoway TV, invented by connecting the existing high-speed Internet service network to the Home Gateway. Meanwhile at the KTF sector, mobile telephones, Magic N Blog, Mobile games will be presented and be on a trial demonstration for audiences. The event is organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication and Busan Metropolitan City.

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