30 Korean Software Companies Worthy of Global Recognition in 2012
30 Korean Software Companies Worthy of Global Recognition in 2012
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The following companies have been evaluated and selected by KOSEA (Korea Software Enterprise Association), Korea IT Times, and Computer World.  They will be regularly featured on Korea IT Times.

Company Category Features
Altibase Data Stream Middleware Selectively stores data on disk and allows clients to access their data efficiently
TmaxSoft Middle ware Secures highly efficient and safe business environment, and enables fast platform migration
DataStreams Data integration and quality management Real-time data connection, data conversion operations, efficient data integration process
BI Matrix BI Analysis and report, integrated BI solution, with prediction and planning features
Sundo Soft GIS 3D Web GIS solution providing analysis and simulation of dimensional spaces
Saltware Enterprise Portal Enterprise portal with high performance in expansion, speed, and efficiency
Secuve Security Electronic signature which strengthens the weakness of ID/SW, certification-based access control functionality
Cyber Logitec Terminal Operation Terminal operation solution based on professional experience in port logistics project
IN Soft EMS Suitable for cloud service operation and establishment
RSupport Remote repairing Remote control solution for customized smart devices
Exem Data Management Database performance and system management
M2Soft Web reporting Easy and fast report creation directly and indirectly linked to various data sources
YoungLimWon Soft Lab ERP Construct SOA based infrastructure that can quickly correspond to change in management environment
OnTheIT Integrated Business Innovation Knowledge-based management solution, documentation management solution, business oriented wikis and blogs, search engines, consultation assistant systems, enables various  knowledge-based solution integrated management
Wooam Corp. Video Conference Digital multimedia technology applied real-time conference system
Ware Valley Data Management Provides various DBMS, network based database access control solutions
Union & EC eDIMS Electronic document life cycle integrated management system
ESTsoft Security Data leak preventive solution blocks saving on PC through driver level control technology and manages every document in central file server as an integrated saving system.
Infranics IT infrastructure management Convergence management, IT infrastructure integrated management, user-feel quality management, IT auto-run, support pro-active operating system
Infinitt Medical video saving/transferring system EIMS solution saves and manages non video data
Inca Internet Security PC security service automatically detects and blocks security threatening elements
JiranSoft Mobile window search engine Open PC documents on mobile device via exclusive viewer by connecting every diskdrives, portals and storages on PC
ToBeSoft REA Hybrid version suitable to mobile environment, smart business realization
Tibero Database management Nation's first sharing DB cluster technology guarantees high performance and high solubility
Tilon Presentation virtualization Cloud-based presentation virtualization
Fasoo Documentation security Links various documentation management systems within a company.  Applicable to MS Office, PDF, CAD drawings, image, dynamic image, and more
FORCS Enterprise web reporting Supports smart phone and tablet PC oriented application, 100% self-developed component, provides ad-hoc report option for atypical reports
Hauri Security Security management system for integrated total control security system
EDSKorea BSM Provides user-defined topology map, packet flow analysis, and section performance (client/network/server)
Hancom Office Office applications optimized for latest trends including mobile and cloud

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