KES 2011: Nigerian Princes Buy Korean
KES 2011: Nigerian Princes Buy Korean
  • Adrian Omni
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Peter Odimegwu of Kamdi Computers and Ethel Odimegwu of Ethel Ventures

October 12, Nigeria is now a major market for electronic goods.  IT times caught up with two of the buyers from Nigeria, at KES 2011 seeking out Korean firms with which to partner and represent.

Ethel Ventures is a Nigerian company offering IT products such as: computers, accessories, networking, hardware, and memory.  Recognizing the popularity that Korean products from major players such as LG and Samsung have in Nigeria, Director Prince

Ethel M. Odimegwu is seeking new partners, manufactures or products to introduce to what he describes as a "major market". He feels that there must be other Korean firms with high quality products to present to the Nigeria and African Markets. Prince

Peter Odimegwu, Director of Kamdi Computers, Ltd. is also seeking out innovative quality Korean products as a platform for their emphasis on customer support.

Both were happy with there first experience at KES, and felt that they were able to effectively network and explore many new products worthy to distribute.


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