Infranics, a Trusted Ally in IT Infrastructure Management
Infranics, a Trusted Ally in IT Infrastructure Management
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SEOUL, KOREA — INFRANICS ( has been persistently targeting the domestic IT management solution market, which has so far been dominated by global players. Led by President/CEO, Song Young-sun, it may be said that the footsteps of Infranics trace the history of the development of data processing and IT management solutions. Infranics flagship products are 'SysMaster Suite' and 'Infra Explorer'-IT-based infrastructure integrated control solutions.

Integrated Dashboard MAP

Based on their know how, accumulated the from data processing and IT infrastructure consulting carried out during their initial start-up, Infranics has put a great deal of effort into developing IT management solutions. As a result, they have made a remarkable achievement by releasing 'SysMaster Management Portal' in less than a year since establishment. Then in September of 2002, they released the system management solution 'SysMaster Suite'. With their continuous product upgrades, Infranics' SysMaster Suite Version 5.0 was selected as the software for administrative works in March of 2005, and in November the same year, it was certified a as a Good Software(GS) from the Telecommunications Technology Association.

Their consistent efforts to secure clients paid off when they had a LG affiliate as their first client just 6 months since their product launch. SysMaster Suite is now in use by some 170 client sites including the Ministry of National Defense, the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, HANA Bank, Samsung Electronics, and GS E&C. An easy approach with configuration in Korean was one of the success factors.

3D Integrated Management Platform Physical Topology MAP
3D Integrated Management Platform Logical Topology MAP











Infranics provides IT operators and management with real-time information of the IT infrastructure, which can be as complex as the integration of various equipment and applications that operate aero spacecrafts consisting of millions of components. Where the stable management of infrastructure using IT technology is now being recognized as necessary to maintain the competitiveness of companies and countries, SysMaster Suite and Infra Explorer is convenient for operators, and the automation system is based on standardized operational procedures and processes. When large companies engage in global businesses, they run the ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning System) to monitor their status on the worldwide web which is known as IT infrastructure. For this IT infrastructure, some 7,000 pieces of equipment are needed and Infranics' software plays its role as a dashboard that accesses web conditions or problems occurring in every part of the world. Due to this software, Infranics was presented the MK Outstanding Venture Company Award and the Minister of Knowledge and Economy Award, both in 2009, and the Digital Business Innovation Award and the Director of the Small & Medium Business Administration Award in 2011.

Qualities of SysMaster Suite - the IT Infrastructure Integrated Management System

Their main product, SysMaster Suite, is an IT infrastructure integrated management system. A Statistical analysis based dynamic threshold  can be assessed and applied. It supports convergence and integration control of IT infrastructure in the data, audio/video mobile sector, as well as broadcasting equipment, IPCC, IPT•VoIP, Wireless LAN/WLAN mesh infrastructure integrated management features. Not only the operation and security policy compliance, but the automation features over IT operation such as the automation of daily and weekly tasks, dynamic reports and statistical management are outstanding. And it supports linkage analysis and integrated management for servers, databases, networks, applications, security equipment, mobile networks and IPTs. It also has strength in user sentiment quality management, by supporting the user sentiment simulator. It supports commercial UNIX and Windows as well as databases such Linux, Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL. Network flow and probe-type real-time integrated monitoring of traffic, detection and control of abnormal traffic and inductors, and analysis of traffic patterns and load are all feasible. The integrated log analysis of security equipment such as firewalls, IDS and DDoS and the traffic management such as user sentiment traffic collection/analysis are other outstanding features. It also supports integrated control and management of performance, defects, composition and events of all IT infrastructures subject to management with 2D and 3D based topology maps. The operation management KPI and SLA index management regarding the IT infrastructure can be put together with a real-time dashboard.

InfraExplorer - Aiming for 'Smart SOC' Suitable for the Age of Web 3.0

Song Young-sun, President and CEO of INFRANICS

Infranics has taken up another challenge. They have launched 'InfraExplorer', a product  that can be put to use for public infrastructure management based on its stability, performance and management scale, all accumulated from their supplying of data processing infrastructure and management solutions for companies. The product, aimed for the 'smart SOC', fit for this age of the web 3.0, is already being  used  for IT Infrastructures  at  Incheon Bridge and Metro Line 9 and ITS (Intelligent Traffic System)Systems .

Technology Receiving Attention in Competition with Global Companies

It is their solid technology that has allowed Infranics to fairly and squarely compete with global companies up until now. Infranics is putting every ounce of their energy into technology development with most of their employees comprised of software developers. Establishing and thoroughly maintaining efficient development process 'Infra Value' has been a great boost for their performance enhancement. Infra Value is comprised of a service request system, a patch management system, a version management system, a source management system and a MOT (Moment of Trust) system.

President and CEO of Infranics, Young-sun Song, says, "The most important thing is to quickly apply the clients' needs to the products. Based on this, Infranics is operating our system and enhancing our performance by thoroughly applying the clients' requests to the products." Infranics also has great interest in joint growth with its employees. "With the employees being healthy and sound-minded, only then the company can also achieve developments." This is President Song's management philosophy. It is due to the fact that software professionals are able to design programs that create added value, only after 20 years of experience, and thus securing high-quality human resources is of high importance. Generating sales of 4 billion won last year, Infranics has set their goal for this year as 7 billion won and is giving one hundred percent effort with plans to expand client sites and maintenance sites.

Supplying solutions to some 170 Korean large companies and public institutions, Infranics is seeking to enter the global markets such as the U.S and the Middle East. They recorded their first overseas sales last year with Industrial Bank of Korea's China Subsidiary. They are now in the consultation stage with a Middle Eastern company for a project. The company is showing great interest in Infranics' solution which has a quicker response time to clients' requests than global brands, all in all raising high expectations for positive results. Regarding exploitation of the overseas markets, President Song explains, "We are rather low in awareness, but as we have more strengths than global brands and major Korean companies are in fact our contractors, we have plans for exports in step with large-scale plant construction projects."


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