Mind Power: You Got to Have it
Mind Power: You Got to Have it
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MC Square

The key to Good health is a healthy mind. Mind power is like any other power it has to be cultivated and exercised.  Sound is the one of the oldest ways to influence mood and mental state cultivate by man. One can just imagine the ancients listening to the reverberation of drums and flute, and watching the shadows from their fires bounce of rock walls. As every band and disco has realized you can control mood with light and sound.  The blend of ancient techniques and modern technology is a trend that will continue to spread, is the key to our continue evolution and metal growth.


MC Square is a hi-tech wellness device that helps to boost concentration levels as well as sets the mind in rest mode depending on your choice. The product is designed to provide stress relief, improved concentration and relaxation, and can be used as a learning aid.  It is a portable device consisting of eyewear that transmits pulsating lights and sound player that plays suitable sounds depending on your selection.


The revolutionary light and sound system is designed to provide stress relief, and improve verbal memory, learning and attention. They are robustly built, ergonomically designed and very comfortable to be worn. The eyewear and the sound player complement each other but may also be used separate on its own.


The human brain gives off different vibrations (measured in frequencies) depending on what activity is happening there, and how relaxed or active the person is. These vibrations are called brain waves, and are like fingerprints of the activity in the brain.  Audio-Visual Stimulation through synchronized sound and light rhythms is used to influence brain activity. The product has 2 built-in programs designed to help you attain the brain activity that you want.


Neuropsychologist Joseph I. Tracy, Ph.D., director of Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain Imaging Laboratory at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and Michael R. Sperling, MD, Baldwin Keyes Professor at Jefferson university in the Department of Neurology.


An article published in August in the Vol. 3, No. 2 2007 issue of the International Journal of Learning Technology showed a statistically reliable improvement on the measure of attention/concentration, by the Digit Span Forwards test, following MC Square training, and found the data to suggest the device provides modest enhancement in the ability to focus, attend, and report information over the short term. The MC Square sound player has been programmed with soothing sounds from nature. It is designed to put your mind at ease and to create that relaxing atmosphere that you want.

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