Enhance your Health with BioHealth
Enhance your Health with BioHealth
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SEOUL, KOREA --- In the modern industrialized world we have exchanged a natural life and a pristine environment for material and technologic advantage. These has resulted in many health conditions which have their origin in a toxic environment and poor diet. In response many are turning to new technologies in order to reverse to risk of aging and disease.

Welcome to Bio Health World Co., Ltd.

Bio Health World has specialized in manufacturing various health aid products using anions and far infrared rays since its establishment in 1991. They produce about 50 kinds of health aid products, including ionic customized lingerie and free-angle stretching heating massaging beds.

They have a line of men’s underwear, women’s lingerie, socks, all of which emit Far Infrared rays, and negative ions to improve the body’s overall health. In addition they produce a massage chair and a waterless foot bath based on this technology.  They also have a range of water filters and purification devices to ensure the health of our most basic resources. They currently export their products toJapan and East Asian countries. In 2002, they acquired ISO 9001 and an FDA Agreement for user ware. They hold several patents were recently chosen as a "Promising small & medium Export Enterprise."

Negative Ions

The secret of their products lies in harnessing negative ions and far infared rays, to stimulate the user’s body to achieving good health. Recognizing that artificial environmental changes such as: destruction, pollution, and high electronic wave make circumstances that cause negative ions to breakaway from their molecular structure. They realized that people feel fresh and vigorous in a deep forest or near a waterfall; on the contrary however, they get tired and fatigued in polluted places or areas of high electronic generation. This is why negative ions are referred to as "Vitamins in the air" and the positive ions as "Fatigue ions.”

Biohealth claims, “When we are in an imbalance with fatigue, the blood becomes acidic causing many uncomfortable conditions. An abundant supply of negative ions assists the body into a normal regenerating cycle with an alkaline condition. Moreover, negative ions help neutralize acidity and increase the sodium and calcium content of our blood. Furthermore, it greatly enables  the cells in the normal function of absorption of nutrition and elimination of waste materials. Our negative ion products are designed and developed to keep the balance of ions to maintain homoeostasis.”

Far Infrared Ray

Regarding the benefits of Far infrared rays, they say, these are the “longest wavelength among the light beams, whose spectrum (4-16 micron) is most benefitting the human body. These rays have their own characteristic features to penetrate deep into the body. The rays not only benefit the skin and muscles but all cells including blood vessels, lymph & sweat glands and nerves in the deep part of the body.” They accomplish their  mission by reacting in contact with the molecules of water and protein inside of our body, and causing the cell to vibrate 2,000 times a minute.
This enables the cells to be activated preventing all kinds of geriatric diseases by increasing the blood circulation, and metabolism. FIRs also promote anti-aging, relief of neuralgia, chronic fatigue, backaches, and arthritis pain by, smooth blood circulation, toxin removal, calorie burning, pain relief, boast the immune system, which frees one from fatigue.

For more information visit www.biohealth.co.kr 

BIOHEALTH WORLD   has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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