Jump Starting Your Career As A Travel Blogger
Jump Starting Your Career As A Travel Blogger
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Abi King-Travel Blogger

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA---Have you always dreamed about being able to travel around the world and making a living out of it Travel blogging lets you experience the world and the places that you go to are the exact inspiration you can write about. If your still not sure if you can get into the world of travel blogging, take it from Abigail King, who started as a medical doctor, but now follows her passion for writing about her travel experiences at her blog inside the travel lab.

From King’s experience, she swapped her life of being a hospital doctor to pursue her love of writing and travel. For her to do something about it, she started from the very ground up – bought a book about being a freelance writer, signed up for an online course and started pitching her way through in becoming a travel blogger. During her talk, she shares tips on how you can jumpstart your career on travel blogging as well.

One of the things that made King’s blog successful is how she was able to connect her science background to her newfound focus on travel blogging. According to her talk on Social Travel Market, her blog Inside the Travel Lab depicts how she sees the world of traveling as if she is discovering things just like in a medical laboratory. We can learn a lesson from here especially when you are trying to put up your own brand out there. There may be many travel bloggers or writers out there, but it is still through your own unique perspective about the world that readers could see the significance of traveling to a particular place. Creating your own image through your own written content and shared experiences through social media lets editors and readers see how you’ve got something they want to keep eyeing on.

Just like any endeavor on niche blogging, there is no shortcut to becoming a successful travel blogger. It is a slow start for everyone, especially when search engines will only list your content after three months of uploading it online. There will also be rapid changes you have to do on your blog as it grows, and you have to play many roles in developing it since this will be more like a one-man show. But take heart, enjoy the process, as it will reap you great fruits after a hard day’s work.

A few advantages on being a travel blogger as King mentioned is that you get to showcase your own creativity and style, meet like-minded friends from all across the globe, get opportunities to be interviewed by the press regarding your travel experiences, as well as earn your own direct income through advertisements on your blog. It is really something wherein you get to do what you love to do (and do something which most people envy about by the way), and get paid for it. Blogging allows you to get more coverage, long lasting results, and a loyalty of followers through social media that is difficult to achieve through print.

Social media makes it easier to let you discover more things, connect with more people across the globe, and find so many other things. More people can exchange genuine experiences in a more personal level, as it doesn’t have the usual boundaries presented on print. Social media could not be ignored any more as we are moving on to connect online most of the time with whatever technology makes it easier for us.

Source: AP and OfficalWire

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