A book “the President of God” Published by Dr. Shin Dong-wook
A book “the President of God” Published by Dr. Shin Dong-wook
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SEOUL, KOREA - A book reminiscing about the life of former Korean President Park Chung-hee, who accomplished Korea’s remarkable economic growth, the so-called ‘Miracle of the Han River’, through industrialization, has been published. “The President of God” is the title of the book.

What makes this book more stand out is that the author is Dr. Shin Dong-wook, the husband of President Park Geun-hye’s sister, Park Geun-ryeong. Park Geun-hye is the current Korean president and also the daughter of former President Park Chung-hee.

The book

“We should be able to respond honorably to our descendants when they ask us in the future what we have done for them and for the nation. Without hesitation, we should be able to say that we have been working and working hard with faith in modernization of our fatherland,” Former President Park once said. “Without the presence of educational authority in schools where students have no respect for their educators, true education cannot be accomplished.”

Through the book “The President of God”, readers can find solutions to diverse problems raised in today’s society, such as the collapse of teachers’ authority, while looking back on the time during which former President Park deliberated for the good of the nation.

Park also said, “If the North invades South Korea, I will not move a single step away from Seoul. I’d rather die at the forefront. I think my death can strengthen the war spirit of the public.” Former President Park’s endeavor after the good of the nation during his lifetime is what the lawmakers currently in the Korean political system should emulate and ruminate on.

Dr. Shin Dong-wook tells the story in a new perspective about how former President of South Korea Park Chung-hee perceived the public and how he wanted to build up the Korean society.

Dr. Shin’s “The President of God” is a book that lets the readers look into former President Parks’ passion, view of the world and traces during his lifetime.

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